IDEAS Boutique Events

We specialise in crafting thematic events for personal occasions, weddings and corporate parties.

We love bringing fresh ideas to the table that make for an unexpected and remarkable happening, every single time, guaranteed. Our full-stack service includes meticulous planning and flawless execution, so you can rest easy and enjoy an exceptional event.

Meet Petra!

IDEAS founder Petra Borkai has loved drawing, making jewellery and being creative since she was a child. She decided to build her passion for the unique into something bigger so she started to organise thematic parties, paying special attention to the little details that she knew would make her events sparkle. She handcrafted many elements of the decoration, never giving up on any idea she had in mind. ‘Anything you dream can be achieved’ became her mantra, and this can-do attitude led to the founding of IDEAS Boutique Events.

How do we work?

We’ll start with a brief consultation to learn more about your event and what you have in mind for location, style, size etc.

You’ll receive a brief concept sketch, moodboards and some draft ideas.

Once we start working together, we’ll create a detailed cost estimate, propose potential locations and themes, provide catering ideas, music recommendations and suggest individual ideas to make your event sparkle.

Based on your feedback we’ll finalize each detail and create a comprehensive playbook for the days leading up to your event.

We’ll handle the decorations, music, gifts, menu and prep for the event.

On site we’ll take care of any issues that come up, so you can enjoy the party with your guests.

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