Swarovski Grand Opening Event

February 14, 2017 / STORIES

The Swarovski shop at Árkád Győr opened its doors after a renovation and their goal was to celebrate the renewal with a stunning grand opening party. They asked IDEAS to organize an event that is as gorgeous as the brand itself. Petra Borkas’s team did their best again, every single detail was awesome, such as ’Swarovkis macarons’ and all the flower decor.

Petra loves the brand so creating a concepts was very smooth.

’For me Swarovski represents glamour and luxury with a youthful character. I also wear their jewelry. At the moment my favourite items are Stardust Bracelet, Crsytaldust Bracelet and the amazing collection of Miranda Kerr with meaningful symbols. Making jewelry has been a hobby of mine for a long time. I even create jewels with Swarovski Elements. I’ve had several exhibitions and the bracelet I made for the Swarovski Create Your Own Style Contest has been awarded 10th place. It’s no secret that I was super excited when they asked me to organise this party.’

“I even create jewels with Swarovski Elements.”

The concept was evident, an elegant and glamourous party. Petra and the customer had similar ideas so Petra got freedom. But she was strictly keeping to the characteristics of the brand during planning.

’We focused on the brand new collection Galaxy. We wanted to represent it in an alluring way. Moreover, our goal was to deepen brand loyalty. The basis of the elegant decoration was flower decoration associated with Swarovski crystals as the sparkling makeup of the hostesses. This made an elegant, modern and fresh picture. Swarovski macarons were my favourite things with their unique Swarovski logo sugar cards made for this occasion. There were also several white ballons with glittering silver ribbons that made the shop special, let alone the 3 meter high press wall.